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1. A second, mysterious reappearance of sweat after it was thought to be defeated.
"Damn it, even after that 20 minute shower I'm getting a sweaturrection because of this damn suit!"
by SkyFood July 15, 2009
(a derivative of no homo) Used as a clarification to a statement that, despite being delivered from a possibly masculine and/or edgy individual, is cringingly corny.
"Dude, no corno, but she's the light of my life."

"Obama makes me want to be a better man, no corno."
by Skyfood June 27, 2009
1. When a black person participates in an activity/event traditionally dominated by whites.

2. When a white person participates in an activity/event traditionally dominated by blacks.
1. "Jamal's favorite sport is polo? That's as blackwards as Carlton Banks."

2."Chip's trying out for the slam dunk contest? That dude's totally blackwards."
by Skyfood April 22, 2009
A city (especially New York) tourist, who despite only living there for a few months, continually tries to assert that he's a local.
-"Dude we should go to Williamsburg tonight that place is dope."
-"Jake, that's locust talk man."
by SkyFood May 22, 2009
pronounced (o-ran-jy-na)

A girl's vagina after a good fingering, subsequent to eating cheetos.
The cheetos were delicious, but giving her an orangina made them spectacular.
by SkyFood October 07, 2009
A person who is significantly behind the technology curve.
"My Mom is trying to make a Facebook account but I'm not worried, she's an e-tard."
by Skyfood January 20, 2010
A fashionable, usually intimidatingly so, Asian.
You could skewer a pumpkin on that fasian's bangs.
by Skyfood April 04, 2009
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