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3 definitions by Skyerus

1) The only game in the skyofazure arcade that Kebin can't beat.
2) A game Jooyan is champion of.
Skyerus: Hey Kebin, go play some Funky Pong.
Kebin: I can't, Jooyan keeps beating me.
Jooyan: Affirmed.
by Skyerus October 24, 2004
1) A word used when defeating an opponent. This is the real spelling of the word, not Julian Calerdon's "onamonapowned." The word is a mix of onomatopoeia and owned. And I have proof from Banshee that it's owned, not fucking pwned.

It's pronounced AH-NO-MA-TOP-OWNED.
Skyerus: Beat that!
Banshee: onomatopowned
by Skyerus October 27, 2004
A Graalian of the name Lisa Marie Rourke. Wisa was thought up with the mix of "Lisa" and the letter "W". She is currently an Events Team member of UN and resides in New Castle because apparently, the Old Castle wasn't good enough.
Skyerus: look at wisa go
Jonwu: what's a wisa
Banshee: lisa rourke
Jonwu: oh
by Skyerus April 03, 2005