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Ja-P-orn = Japanese Porn. Just fuse those two words together and shorten accordingly.
Mr Otachi: Ai, this is great Japorn, really turn me on.
by Skyboy September 08, 2005
Refers to the extremities of sexual deviations (paraphilias), e.g. shit fetish, snuff fetish, fisting, etc. The fact is, the human mind can be distorted so much that there really is no limit to sexual deviation. So the limit is in a metaphorical sense.
You may think the sexually disturbed sickos imprisoned for life in max security prisons have reached the limit of sexual deviation, but how can you be sure?
by Skyboy September 06, 2005
When a sick man looks at naked Pokemon and gets an erection.
Sick Bastard: Oh yeh, turn over Pikachu so I can see your ass. Yeh, yeh, I'm getting a Pokerection.
by Skyboy September 08, 2005
A dictionary of fetishes.
There are too many fetishes to be all recorded in a fetictionary, but the mains ones are always there.
by Skyboy September 07, 2005
1)2 vs 2 in a sport game, e.g. tennis.
2)When the ball bounces twice in your square in handball.
3)When you roll two of the same number on a pair of 6-sided dice.
4)When a man has climaxed during masturbation but doesn't stop rubbing and eventually ejaculates again.
1)Teamwork is important in a doubles game of tennis.
2)That noob missed the ball and got out by doubles.
3)I got doubles in Monopoly, another turn for me.
4)Viagra is so potent that a man with erection problems can easily pull doubles after the correct dosage.
by skyboy September 01, 2005
As opposed to homophobia (fear or dislike of homosexuals), homophilia is the sexual attraction towards homosexual people. This is not to be confused with simply "homosexual", homophilia refers fixation on homosexual people of either gender.
Homophilia is much rarer than homosexuality.
by Skyboy September 06, 2005
(Possibly also spelt "gandu")
A Hindi word for the hole in one's arse. Usually has connotations of anal sex and homosexuality.
When two men are locked in a prison cell for a number of years without female porn, then gundu is bound to happen.
by Skyboy September 05, 2005
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