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5 definitions by Sky20051965

Feet so dirty from walking outside without shoes they look like Panda paws.
Sheena left her shoes in his car but she walked home and came in with Panda Paws.
by Sky20051965 February 25, 2009
2 1
people who sit around the pole to watch the dancer so their man sticks get hard enough for manual manipulation or scorgasm.
Me and my buddies took him pole sharking before he got married.
by Sky20051965 March 13, 2009
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a fashion model or actress that has been so redefined by a plastic surgeon she is mostly plastic.
The actress in that movie has seen her surgeon so many times she a plastitress
by Sky20051965 March 13, 2009
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Someone you've chosen to star in your own personal mental porn whether s/he is an actual porn star or just the cubicle dweller next to you.
I had chosen the hottie bar tender giving out free jello shots as my new mental porn star. I was having a series of fantastic scorgasms
by Sky20051965 March 13, 2009
4 5
A competition between friends to see who can have the most orgasms in public.
For guys it could be getting a blow job and the showing his friends either some of her hair or the color of her lipstick. For gals it's as simple as pointing out the best looking guy in the place and then describing how you could leave said lipstick.
In a club last night I was so tired from my scorgasms I went straight to sleep still wearing most of my clothes.
by Sky20051965 March 13, 2009
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