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1. Something that is fixed with little to no materials, usually incorrectly, by someone of low intelligence. Refers to the lazy ass hispanics. Particularly those mexicans and PR's. Similar to a nigger rig.
Manuel and Jorge came down the street in their low rider when the wheel fell off. They spic-fixed it with some toothpaste and a coathanger though.
by Skunk September 26, 2004
1. dick cheese (the layer of filth under the fore skin of a penis. the words 'lan' and 'si' means penis and shit respectively.)
2. to describe a snobbish person, a show off.
1.)you haven't cleaned under your fore skin, there's a lot of lan si and it stinks.
2.)that person damn lan si.
by Skunk March 01, 2005
Crazy; having gone insane
"Well looks like george has finnaly gone off his rocker." "Yep he's definatly gone fishing..."
by Skunk April 22, 2004
A long, drawn out failure. Commonly involving goats and Democrat-establishment hyperbole.
Al Gore pulled a big P.C. in the 2000 election, huh?
by Skunk November 29, 2004

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