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A "thugged-out" version of Spongebob Squarepants.
"hurry your ass up or thugbob is gonna lay it down."
by Skullthuggery August 07, 2006
Computer shorthand for a dick, signified by two balls and one shaft.

Most commonly used by asians.
"lick a o0o, you fucking n00b"

"o0o. I like penis."
by Skullthuggery August 07, 2006
A play on the internet acronym "LOL", "ROFL" or any similiar internet slang term. Usually it involves replacing part of a normal word with a "LOL".
"lollercaust!" "Heh, nice Lollism."

"roflpotamus is a good lollism."
by SkullThuggery November 14, 2006
it's a game you can play like jeopardy where you are presented with the "answer" or punchline to a joke and are asked to come up with the "question" or a statement that otherwise would elicit that punchline.
"Want to play joke jeopardy?"


punchline: to get to the other side.
setup: Why did the chicken cross the road?

punchline: the gooey-decimal system.
setup: How are porno stores organized?
by Skullthuggery September 07, 2006
Balls of hair held together by a portion of lint. They are not necessarily made of pubes, but are so nasty that they are on the same level.
Harry's bedroom is crawling with pube balls.

Everything was find until I found a pube ball in my cereal.

Why must every carpet I live on be covered in pube balls?
by Skullthuggery May 18, 2007
Capsketball is a game played where bottle caps are in abundance... The object of the game is to throw bottle caps and sink shots of varying difficulty.
"Up for a game of capsketball?"
by Skullthuggery April 09, 2007
In a similiar vain as spiderman a ho or superman a ho.

Batmanning a ho entails a surprise entry into the "batcave" followed by a load of skeet to chest (to symbolize the batman logo) while saying "bam, kersplat, pow, etc..." as an omage to the Adam West Batman.
"I batmanned your mom last night"

"Don't simply have sex, batman a ho"

To batman a ho is to know jesus.
by Skullthuggery November 12, 2007

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