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The fork you have to ask for in an Asian restaurant when you don't know how to use chopsticks. Usually presented on a white napkin with an accompanying look of pity.
I can't take anyone out for Dim Sum on a first date because i would have to ask for the fork of shame.
by Skuldseidhr April 13, 2015
to drive through a puddle such that you drench a pedestrian or otherwise splash someone with water
I was waiting for the bus and some asshole in a BMW totally rogated me.
by Skuldseidhr September 18, 2010
An anecdotal story related to one by a grandparent, intended to impart wisdom to the younger generation.
Grandchild: "Grandma, what was it like growing up in the Great Depression?"

Grandmother: "I'll give you a piece of advice. If you're ever hungry and you don't have any money, you know what you do? Go into a restaurant, and ask for a cup of hot water and some ketchup. These things are free, right? Then, put the ketchup in the water and make yourself some tomato soup!"

Grandchild: "Thanks for the gramecdote!"
by Skuldseidhr February 02, 2012
This is the fake cough that non-smokers give to someone smoking, even in an outdoor setting. It is generally characterized by one dry cough and accompanied by a dirty look.
Fred: Hey, I think Mike is getting sick. I was outside smoking, and he walked past me coughing.

Bill: Naw, man, that's just a condemnation cough.
by Skuldseidhr November 08, 2011

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