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An obscure, early-1980s slang term, used mainly in the London postpunk and new romantic (proto-goth) scenes; just a general positive remark, like "cool" or "awesome." It has been suggested that an opposite of the word could have been "unswerv," but the author has no evidence to support this. It was definately shortened to "swerv" ("that's mad swerv"), and this version was taken up by the riot grrrls, a feminist punk movement that gained some notoriety in the early '90s. Nowadays, it's so obscure that there wasn't even a definition on Urban Dictionary, and if you use it people will think you made it up. Ah well....
Oi, Throbbin' Gristle 'n' CRASS 're playin' a double headin' t'nite! Swerval!

The band last night was hella swerv...
by Skritch June 06, 2005
PHREEK is occasionally used in geek-dorm culture to stand for Phuck man/woman/thing, u REEK! Commonly used as a teasing call after someone has gotten back to the dorm from some sort of physical activity, or stinks of booze, pot or other drugs.
Whoa, here comes John from his mountain biking trip! PHREEEEK! Get in the shower, man...
by Skritch June 06, 2005
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