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a word used usually out of excitement to show success; can also be found humorous if used many times in the same senctence with an italian gangster accent.
just after having made the game winning shot the soccer player exclaims badabing!


in italian gangster accent- did choo see dat joe? i jis capped dat guy! Badabing! wuz like choo know, i don like yoou, so ya know, badabing! i shoot im in da face. badabing!
by Skrip345 February 12, 2007
sedalia is a town of about 20,000 people located in central missouri. it is home to the missouri state fair and not much else. stuff to do on friday nights include going to the movie theatre, or bowling at the ancient, smoke filled bowling alley. If you're lucky you'll find a party, but its most likely a cockfest. also home to the strip when bored you can drive down the main street from mazzio's to the bridge at the opposite end of town. Many sweet rides can be seen, and if your lucky you can race some ugly chicks in a ford POS. everyone in sedalia has cruised the strip at least once, though not many admit it because its a true sign of boredom, beat only by the hordes of cool ppl killing time in wal-mart.
hey dude, you wanna go see if theres anything goin on in sedalia?
by Skrip345 February 12, 2007
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