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3 definitions by Skrink

gay in the third-grade sense. i.e. stupid, dumb, lame, cheesy, not core, idiotic
That movie John Tucker Must Die has to be a contender for the most rings movie in the universe.

by skrink December 13, 2006
The natural habitat of a Gibbet, often associated with duckietape and fire!
I put that Gibbet on his hatstand, duckietaped his hands and feet and set fire to him!
by Skrink February 21, 2006
derivative of rings as in Lord of the Rings meaning totally dumb, lame, cheesy, not cool, gay in the thirdgrade sense
DaveJ is so LOTR it's ridiculous. He's not just rings, he's the lord of the rings
by skrink December 13, 2006