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A fetish for black people.
Hilary Clinton is a negrophilliac. first she fuck'd Bill now she fuckin' Obama.
by Skrilla 88 March 10, 2008
Slang term for ones stomach
Girl im gunna fill you gut bucket up with so much of my tasty man batter, it will explode.
by Skrilla 88 March 10, 2008
Extremely high concentrated levels of retardation.
George Bush's retardity has reached unpresidented heights
by Skrilla 88 March 10, 2008
1)Combination of "technology and technically". One who lacks technological know how.
2) Using electronic devices for other purposes other then their primary fuction.
The other day my dad tryed to used my razor cellphone to shave his face.

Old people are technologically retarded.

by Skrilla 88 March 10, 2008
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