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A phrase used to end a logical conversation which the person or party lacks the knowledge to understand.
Scott says "wow, look at the camel toe." Jody asks "what's a camel toe?" Scott pauses, and replies ..."we're done here".
by Skottidogg April 15, 2006
one who takes pride in his intercourse, by checking the area thoroughly to ensure everything is copesetic
Derek likes to dive right in...he's a crack injection specialist. as a fertile delta inspector, I put safety first
by Skottidogg April 15, 2006
a small piece of connecting epidermis located in the crotch of all humans.
cuziff it wasn't there, the guts would fall out
by Skottidogg April 15, 2006
(a name) given to a part of the female anatomy otherwise known as the clitoris
"the shortest route to the womans heart is through her Rubiks Cube"
by Skottidogg April 15, 2006

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