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1. The act of mixing two different flavors of skoal into one tin.

2. To add skoal from an old tin to a newer one to create one tin.
yo Rotan you mind helping me do surgery with Apple and Cherry so we can have chaple
by Skoal Patrol 21 August 06, 2010
A mixture when you add Apple Skoal and Cherry Skoal to create a delicious sensation
that surgery that we did to create Chaple is amazing we should dip it more
by Skoal Patrol 21 August 06, 2010
A time when a bunch of guys get together to dip and hangout and talk about shit.
Yo dude Dip Date?
by Skoal Patrol 21 August 03, 2010
When a friend texts you Goon in which refferiing you to Go On xbox and play Call of Duty MW2
by Skoal Patrol 21 August 06, 2010

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