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A very poisoness spider, known to cause horribly deforming scars, because it's venom eats away at your skin and muscle tissue.
God save me! I've been bitten by a brown recluse. OHHHH the horror, it's starting to smell like almonds. God Kill Me!
by Skizzlemasta October 07, 2003
A very large person with abnormal strength. Usually foreign but it can be an american.
Ya, he's a hos'n'caugh, he's lifting 500 pounds.
by Skizzlemasta October 07, 2003
Meaning: Of or pertaining to a nest or being nappy nest like.

See also Nappy.
Wow his hair is nesty!
by Skizzlemasta October 07, 2003
Pretty much whatever you want it to mean, it's an on going joke to trick people into believing that their is something on their shoe, face, clothes, or any other place on the body.
Good lord! There's skizzle all over your face.
by Skizzlemasta October 07, 2003
A backstabber
He switchfooted me.
by skizzlemasta October 17, 2003

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