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Definition 1 - an anime from Japan that was butchered to make it a little kids show. However, in Japan it was not a little kids show, but, thanx to censores, a lot of people in north america believe it to be a little kids show do to the crappy editing and cheesy voice-overs. The show was very good in Japan, however.

Definition 2 - a tcg (trading card game) that is popular throughout the world. Contrary to popular belief, the game is NOT a "little kids" baby card game, the rules and to complex and advanced for little kids to understand. And most of the good players are between the ages of 15 and 25. So its unfair for ignorant, immature people who dont play and dont understand how to play to mock it just because they dont understand it. The game is very fun and requires a lot of intelligence and strategizing. Immature people like to mock it because they aren't intelligent enough to understand how to play, so they make fun of the game to feel better about themselves.
non-yu-gi-oh player - "haha u queer, you play yu-gay-ho. haha!"

yu-gi-oh player - "thats fine, at least i'm doing something productive that is not harmful to anybody, what are you doing, besides demonstrating your immaturity and ignorance?"
by SkiwootSki November 16, 2006

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