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5 definitions by Skittles!!

Fuck yo couch!!- Comes from Chappelle show--use as an insult, or...just shout it randomly!
*Stands up during math class*
by Skittles!! May 30, 2005
400 51
Only the best theme song ever! (theme song to Team America: World Police
1)"America.....Fuck yeah!!"
2) Omg! hav u seen Team America: World Police??? You havnt?? Well...you missed out on a funny movie and an awesome theme song!
by Skittles!! June 08, 2005
299 99
Japanese for sexy! What else!(Doesent it sound cooler in a foreign language??
Omg! Did you see that hot dude over there?

-I know! He's sooo sekushi!
by Skittles!! July 02, 2005
92 10
One of tha bestanime shows in tha world!! sickness!! (Ginji sooo cute!
"Dude...did you watch that episode when Makubex jumped off a building?"
"Yea!! That was sick!"
by Skittles!! May 29, 2005
26 14
Killing something that's already dead(lol)
"I feel like such a bad person after dissecting that pig in science class.."
"I commited necrocide!"
by Skittles!! May 29, 2005
14 9