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39 definitions by Skirtlifter

stunted, cross-eyed person, with ears way below the eye-line. Often has webbing between fingers. HAs difficulty co-ordinating and speaking properly. Result of coming from shallow gene pool or inbreeding (see {gypsy])
This place is full of throwbacks!
by skirtlifter January 12, 2005
Bacteria-infested head of an acne zit.
Check the biodomes on pizza-face!!
by Skirtlifter August 14, 2005
Noun. Amalgam of 'Prick' and 'Bam' (see Bam).
Your pal's a fucking PRAM!
by skirtlifter January 11, 2005
Short for 'Rent Boys', young low-life male homo (or maybe not!) sexuals who sell their bodies for coin. Often penniless, they rely on filthy old men to pay them for sex , thus enabling them to pay their housing rent.
A bunch of rents popped out of the park as I was driving home the other night and tried to wave me down!
by Skirtlifter June 06, 2005