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Can be male or female, but esp. the latter. A 'Rinser' is a spunk-lover who removes your condom, stretches it, and squeezes the spunk out into her gob, gargles, then swallows.
Ohh, baby, lemme rinse your bag!!!!
by Skirtlifter January 10, 2005
Male masturbation technique. Kneeling on floor, whilst masturbating, reach around the buttocks, and with the free hand insert the middle finger up past the anus. The position of the two arms mimicks a dancing clasp. The Captain is yer cock!
"Everybody was dancing with the Captain" - famous disco tune from Paul what's-his-face nack in the late 70s!!!
by Skirtlifter January 10, 2005
Where something has happened - badly - that wasn't expected, in the least! Where something turned out the wrong way.
So there we were, watching the Commons debate on Trident when someone came in with some ching and the whole thing fucktated into a pile of nonsense!


I went on a blind with one of Maria's pals at work. I tried the hand on her and found out she was a tranny, and the evening just fucktated before my very eyes.
by skirtlifter April 17, 2007
Anal intercourse, with either M or F, whereby you spy and smell shite on your cock as you thrust. Some anal catchers are known to delight in the act of pushing one out over a thrusting penis, esp scat homos.
It took me months to bed her, then she gives me a stinkfuck!
by Skirtlifter January 10, 2005
Foul smelling fluid that males cats spray onto your car at night.
Look! That bastard cat is spraying my car again!!
by skirtlifter January 31, 2005
The opposite of 'Gangsta Lean', when driving a car.

The car has to be a large saloon, with plenty of leg room and seat manoeuvreability for this to look right. The Driver pushes his seat back as far as lets his left arm (in UK) hang straight out on the steering wheel. He then slouches down into his seat whilst leaning sideways against his door, resting his right elbow on the window rim, ciggy (or beer, if you ARE Scratchy!) hanging in limp right hand. A sour/cool expression is then cultivated as you motor around looking for Pool-halls in the night.
"Check the Chav doing the Scratchy Lean in his wanked-up 205!!!"
by Skirtlifter January 26, 2006
Scottish slang term for 'Penis'. Derived from 'Old Fellow'.
She whipped oot ma old fellae, and gave me a Jodrell (bank/wank).
by skirtlifter January 10, 2005

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