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The art form of which resides at most ska shows, such as ones not many people go to. You kick up yuor right foot then your left, alternatying as though you are running in place. As you do this, your left arm goes up when your right foot comes up, and respectively with the other foot. A perfect skank is also one that you may find at a more face paced ska show. Usually takes years to perfect.
That guy is skanking it up man! It's glorious!
Yea, thats Bobby. He's perfecto skankin' it.
by Skippy McSkankit October 06, 2006
The act in which the male(during sex) cums in the woman's nose, and then punches her in the nose, therein creating a white/pink strawberry milkshake type liquid.
Dude, you need to control your bitch.

Bro, I gave that ho a strawberry milkshake, and she shut the fuck up after that.
by Skippy McSkankit October 09, 2006

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