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Also known as Pabst Blue Ribbon or PBR. Possibly the most popular alcoholic beverage throughout every trailerpark and hole in the wall bar in America. Its cheap, tastes like carbonated urine, and will have you fathering bastard children and breakin your parole in no time. Also a popular choice beverage for scenesters, stupid college kids, and toothless biker whores.
PBR? Man, you've really lowered your standards to Redneck Holy Water?
by Skipper420 January 07, 2010
please see definition for taco drop.... this version of the taco drop requires menstration to be done correctly however, a yeast infection will suffice as a "sauce" substitute.
Jeremy really pissed me off so i waited for his drunk ass to pass out and I saucy taco dropped him!
by Skipper420 January 07, 2010

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