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Western suburb of Minneapolis, MN of approximately 50,000 residents. The high school is notorious for being conservative, disrespectful, filthy rich and, of course, almost completely caucasian. Although some of this is true, it is no worse than the majority of the nearby suburbs, especially Wayzata.
Minnetonka's state champ football team is the best team money can buy.
by Skipper December 25, 2004
During the act of doggy-style sex, one dons a sailor's hat and places a cigar in his mouth without the notice of his female partner. Then, signaling to his friend to come out from hiding with a camera, he places his pinky finger in the female's asshole and lifts to display his wriggling catch for the photographer.
Twas a rare catch that fine morning when I hooked my first blue marlin: 250 pounds of fish the likes of which I hope never to lay eyes on again.
by Skipper December 14, 2004
The hebrew term for gragbage. Usually referring to an object or a person with little/no value.
Also used as an insult.
This zevel just took my seat.
by Skipper March 14, 2005
see phunamic. Like a baby who's been given fangs and a really snazzy chopper.
"your sandwich was ok, but now its totally phunamised."
by skipper February 17, 2004
A source of frustation, hypocrisy, and generally everything that contradicts itself in the modern world.
Dude, c'mon man, stop being a mackyroo, and look at the facts.
by Skipper February 07, 2004
not in the least bit sad, as her name would suggest. just misunderstood. she is actually the coolest freshman ever
sad girl always has a smile on her face!
by skipper April 11, 2005

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