2 definitions by SkipOkane

1. v. (to x1) to find something on your computer
2. v. (to x1 someone) to prove to someone that an email or file exists
3. v. (to get x1'd) to have someone else show that you did indeed actually get a specific email.
4. n. (X1) a desktop search product that lets you search the emails and files on your computer and across your network at speeds matching the original Bell X-1, the first plane to break the speed of sound.
I used to spend a ton of time filing my emails but now I just X1 everything and can spend all that time on my Social Notworking.

My boss claimed I hadn't told him I was going to be out of the office, but once I x1'd him on it, he had to admit that I had indeed sent the Flee-Mail.

I tried to pretend that I didn't get the email full of my boss' execubabble, but once I got x1'd on it, I was forced to join in the supposed paradigm shift.
by SkipOkane June 17, 2009
Obscure slang for taking a dump. To be used in situations where you need to get the thought out quickly and can't use equally discrete statements like say "I gotta drop the kids off at the pool"
Oh man, too much pizza. I gotta shreesh.
by SkipOkane July 09, 2009

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