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Trash bag is an Australian invented word, but a global concept. A
Trash bag is one who engages in excessive behaviour while partying, and
generally makes a disgrace of themselves - in a good way.

True trash bagging doesn't involve just alcohol. It is a way of life. On
a night out, a Trash bag should participate in at least 5 of the

*Drinking at least a bottle of wine or cheap champagne BEFORE leaving
the house

*Drinking more than 10 jagerbombs

*Eating in at least three of the major fast food outlets in the course
of one evening

*Starting up deep conversations with randoms while waiting in the
toilet queue.

*Dancing on any available table, not discriminating against pool tables
of course.

*Requesting so many songs that the music is like your own play list, and
the dj hates you.

*Screaming I LOVE THIS SONG for every song.

*Having the bouncers, bar staff and dj all know you at your local

*Putting your bags on the floor and dancing around them so you have
more movement.

*Inventing new dance moves, such as the moose, the elephant

*Bringing out old dance moves such as the monkey, the nut bush or the

*Clearing the dance floor and getting strange looks from everyone that's
not you

*Taking a hip flask of vodka in your handbag or jacket

*Writing things on yourself and everyone around you

*Telling random people that they're hot. And more importantly, that you

*Drinking Smirnoff blacks because they have 1.9 standard drinks, or
Coopers Sparkling, cause it is 5.9% alcohol.

*Taking at least 60 photos of yourself

*Taking photos of yourself and your friends on the toilet.

*Sucking face with a random on the dance floor. And then another. And
another. And, well, you get the picture...

*Starting drinking at 3pm

*Continuing till the next afternoon

*Wearing a skirt so short you need to wear shorts (or special undies)

*Staying somewhere till you get kicked out, then catching a cab to
somewhere else that's 5mins down the road.

*Walking out of a club and the sun is up, the birds are chirping, and
noticing that the person you've been suck facing is not as attractive as
you thought.

*Being that person on their way home as people are jogging, and going
to work/school.

*Doing the walk of shame, either home or out of the club, with shoes in

*Choosing a corner to dance in so you can dance like mo fos in your own

*Crying/stacking it/booting/all three

*Sustaining an unidentified party injury

*Making emotional phone calls to friends you haven't spoken to in a
while. Or worse, family.

*Getting into serious conversations with cab drivers that end with you
mocking and insulting them.

*Pre drinks before going out is not an idea, it is a necessity
'did you see that trashbag tap skulling goon in the toilets?'
by Skink-E June 26, 2007

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