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New term to describe the time of year formerly known as Christmas. This version of the word clarifies the fact that the commercial period is purely about guilting the population into spending money on presents simply to maintain the social status quo rather than actually having any religious connotation whatsoever. Original religious version stolen from pagan culture in an attempt to con pagans into technically being Christians if they celebrate on the same day.

The period generally starts being promoted around July and climaxes on December 25th. One day later retailers generally drop their hiked prices so it's advisable to wait until then before buying anything.
Merry Commercemas.
What did you get for Commercemas?
****ing Commercemas!
Commercemas went well this year - I saw my shares rise.
by Skinfitz November 01, 2004
Utterance used in answer to questions when one is in the confused mental state experienced immediately after waking, or when too tired or otherwise mentally incapacitated to deal with any complex thought process. Can also be used when simply not understanding a complex question or not knowing an answer to a complex question. Originally intended for IRC or IM use, but can be used vocally.
<person_a>: So can you describe life in the existentialist sense?
<person_b>: Blergle
by Skinfitz October 31, 2004
Like a typo but when mis-clicking with a mouse instead of mis-typing on a keyboard.

For example, you click the wrong link on a web page because the links are close together. This can sometimes have disastrous results, such as in accidentally clicking a 'buy it now!' button.
I nearly won the auction but I made a clicko at the last second!

Oops... made a clicko :(
by Skinfitz December 26, 2005
A derivative of the English word snog meaning to kiss; this particular version is reserved for when one is in the drunken state and becomes quite amorous.
She was so drunk last night - she got all snoggy!
by Skinfitz July 10, 2006
Another name for Halloween. To the average goth, it's like Commercemas is to 'mundane people'.
It's Gothmas!
Come to our Gothmas party!
by Skinfitz October 28, 2005
New name for a mannikin used to display female clothing thus differentiating from the need to specify 'male' or 'female' mannikin.
"I want the dress on the girlikin."
by Skinfitz May 11, 2005

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