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the destroyer of talent
i used to have talent then i had a part in a disney movie called high school musical.
by Skimboarder July 11, 2009
the first sign of unity in japan (empire kingdom or confederacy)
i am studying the yamato
by Skimboarder July 29, 2009
a game over a computer where you live the life you wish you had but never could get (for the most part because 1 of u has had to have acomplished that life)
guy1: hi

guy2: hi

guy1: do you play the sims its great you can go to parties, live life, get layed and have fun

guy2: no i dont

guy1: ha ha your a loser

guy2: no im not im doing all the shit u just listed tonight and i do it every other weekend and even better its not behind a computer

(guy2 walks away)

(guy1 stands there feeling like a retarded douche luckily he quits the sims and 6 months later at a party he meets guy 2 again)

(guy1 sees him)

guy1: hi

guy2: hi loser

guy1: wait i changed the sims is retarded

guy2: oh cool

guy1: yeah

guy2: wanna ditch this lame ass part and go have a beer then get layed by some hot chicks

guy1: alright

the end =)
by Skimboarder November 29, 2009

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