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a midget hanging from ones neck by a chain
yo yo my jimmers is bling blingin'
by skim October 25, 2003
the protrusion of pubic hair observed when one wears tight pants
That sophomore needs to shave that coochie, she's got major pufage.
by Skim October 16, 2003
Last fully communist country in the world. Oppressed people. Was supposed to be only ONE big Korea before the War. However it was split from South Korea in the Korean War because the United States opposed the unification of the peninsula. The Korean War itself was a proxy war where the world's superpowers just used ad torn apart a little asian country to fight their disputes.
Pray for North KOrea.
by SKIM August 04, 2012
a "smurf" like word that can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.
AMIB44: shall i chedi?
by skim January 01, 2005
the act of sucking in air through ones anus by pushing out in "the position" then farting the air back out
When you don't have a fart, assume the position and ignart.
by Skim October 16, 2003
you stuff a girls pussy with spashes, make her lie on her stomach, and jump on her lower back so that all the spashes spray everywere, spillily
i spilly spash fucked brenda last night, and all the spashes stuck to my mom
by skim October 25, 2003
slang for shit. used by Snoop Dogg.
Yo what's up with this shiznit?
by skim September 09, 2003
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