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derived from afk, it means away from keyboard getting cake
person 1: dude, just going afcake for like 2 mins

person 2: kk man, man i love cake
by Skillz_that_killz October 23, 2007
Pronounced gee kee soy kee, it stands for go kill yourself or i'll kill you.

Pretty much can only be used amongst a group of about 5 people in WA, but if used among them they will know what it means and respond accordingly.
fmff: dude, im so good i have a car n stuff
fatben: orly
skill: yarly
fatom: *somehow says* >.< *in words*
fated: man im a loser and fat
skill: seriously, all of you should gkysoiky.
rest of people: okay
by Skillz_that_killz September 16, 2007

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