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When bitches & hos ain't give you no respect
This weizz be wack, yo!
by Skillz McGavern December 23, 2003
Skillz is the 60-year-old legend of streetball who will send your ass to the junk if you be trippin' all fo' sho' in mah grill, SHIAT!

Can be contacted at www.timisshaq.com.
Skillz, he done all gone up & slam this brother down in this piece!
by Skillz McGavern January 16, 2004
When playaz be up in mo' grill fo' da sheez on da rux. (They want your drugs.)
Why you be heighin' all fo'?
by Skillz McGavern December 23, 2003
On a streetball court, the circle at the center of the court is usually divided into two sections. The inside section is known as the Kwame (Kwame Brown) circle and making a shot from inside this section is worth 5 points. The outer circle is known as the Phil Jackson circle and a shot made from this section is worth 3 points. Making a Kwame shot is usually referred to as a "Kwame Brown", but there is no strict standard on its usage.
Skillz done made a Kwame up in this piece to win that game, yo!
by Skillz McGavern October 21, 2005

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