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1. (n) A person who can't do anything right. Usually in life as a whole. Someone whos actions are always hurtful to either themselves and/or usually the people around them.
"That Billy is such a fuckup. He was all bombaleed again last night and dumbass hit a fricken telephone pole. When will that douchebag ever get his fucking shit together?"
#loser #waste #asshole #wasted #drunk #fucked up #smashed
by Skillish One May 18, 2007
bombaleed (n) (v) (adv) (adj) 1. an expression for someone who is under the extreme influence of alcohol. A slang term of Italian descent. Used primarily in strong Italian social circles and environments.
"You should have fucking seen Frankie last night. He was so fucking bombaleed he couldn't even walk."
#drunk #wasted #trashed #smashed #polluted
by Skillish One May 18, 2007
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