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When one person purposly encloses his hands around his anus when flatulating (farting) in order to release the odour in someone elses face.
"Go cup-cake him!"

"I don't believe you just cupcaked me!"
by Skii May 06, 2005
A word which means easily ignited.

Simon: "Hey philip do you think my ass is inflammable?"

Philip: "Lets find out......."

Simon: "Oh you sh*t head, you just set my anus on fire!"

Simon & Philip: (laughter)
by Skii May 07, 2005
A spot on the body that makes a person involuntarily giggle when pressed, poked or prodded.
Usually the nose or belly button.
Simon pressed rebecca's giggle button making her burst into a hysteria of giggles!
by Skii October 20, 2005
A flump sucker is a person who incoheriantly constantly sucks cocks. Can refer to any gender or age as long as they're a cock sucking ass-hole.

Also a great way of insulting without swearing in order not to get wrong at school or in front of parents.
Person1: Oh my god, here comes John again.

Person2: Maybe people would like him if he wasn't such a flump sucker.
by Skii May 06, 2005
To go "mental".
A state in which the human body is terminally "pissed" (angry).
Ultimatly it enduces the undertaker to compose an unearthly attitude change compiling of forceful actions and reletlessly corrupt activities.
"Divn't mess am ganin bez!"

"Shit man you really pissed him off, he's well bez!"
by Skii July 13, 2005

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