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categorized in two aspects:
1: Times in someone's life when there is some intense struggling going on that continues to get worse. It's at these times when you're in the Strug Mode.
2: Consistent stupidity displayed by another that needs to be addressed sarcasticly by placing them within
The Strug Mode Squad

Mike: "Dude, I keep losing my hair no matter what I do, it's like Rogain proof; It's killing me."
Rick: "Dang, your hair is on the Strug Mode right now."

Matt: "Dude, I clogged the toilet again and can't find a plunger."
Rick: "Whats in that plastic bag!?"
Matt: "I had to!"
Rick: "Dude, you're on the Strug Mode Squad right now!!"
by Skib Johnson February 24, 2010

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