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A girl who is more than a slag. Someone with more STI's then a fully grown pigeon. More then likely, genital warts. Usual place of origin is Roche, Cornwall or Bugle. These Sket's can be found under names such as Becci, Rebecca, Bec, Sani, Kayley, etc. Surnames can vary from Truscott to Osbourne. Sket's are usually used just for sex or rebound use only. Sket's cannot be used for relationship as they are just too sluttly, eg Sket.
''Your a sket''
''Because you caught genital warts!''

''Where do you live''
''Roche, why?''
''Oh, that means your a sket then?''
by Sketty_Finder_EU1 April 29, 2010

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