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The act of a college bro being buddie-buddie with you while trying to pick you up without trying to be gay. If suceeded with you past the drunk stage. they simply drug your heineken beer and take advantage of you.
Jeffery - "Bro! Wanna come to my dorm and play some game cube bro?"

Bryan - "Man, I'm not your bro."

Jeffery -" Bro! Don't be like that bro! I got a 6 pack of Heineken and we can also stop by the pool and watch the other bros play some water polo, Then come back to my bro pad and do some Jager-bombs bro."

Bryan - "Ugh, i guess ill come dude."

Jeffery - "Bro, just call me bro bro."


Jeffery - "bro! i just bro rape bryan bro!"

Kevin - "Really bro? So he's one of the bro's now bro?
by SkelpYourHead December 14, 2009

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