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8 definitions by Skek

Someone who has become so deluded, ignorant, or intolerant in their religious beliefs that they have actually decreased their IQ. Combination of religion and idiot.
The religiot said that homosexuals will cause the apocalypse.
by Skek December 25, 2004
Checkered or two-tone clothing items and accessories, particularly in context of Ska music, and the Ska scene.
That rudeboy was in ska concert gear; he had all his checks on.

I'm going to a ska show tonight, so I need to pick up my checks.
by Skek November 20, 2004
An abnormally smart skateboarder.
wordskateboard + wordgeek = skek)
That skater has got a 90% average, what a Skek
by Skek March 28, 2003
A very long session of tribadism, the lesbian genito-genital sex act.
We came over and over again; it was a real tribathlon.
by Skek January 14, 2006
Term given to "creative" or "unique" names that appear to be created by drawing random Scrabble tiles out of the bag. The names are more likely to be female, are instantly recognizable as tasteless, and often make appearances on Jerry Springer.
Some scrabble names:
by Skek December 30, 2005
A greeting used by the Jamaican bass player Cluett "Clue J" Johnson in the early sixties.
Love skavoovee, mon, I haven't seen you in a long time.
by Skek February 15, 2005
I got a ticket for jay-walkin'. It was totally redonks!
by Skek August 04, 2005