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3 definitions by Skeez Adams

An often eccentric scientist who, for a reasonable price, will do good for the world. They are often found working late nights titrating random acids or working on a cure for cancer.

Antonyms. chemical engineer
Stupid person: chemistry sucks.
Chemist: but without it you would not have any synthetic fibers, plastics, or durable metals.
Stupid person: oic... I am stupid.
by Skeez Adams January 31, 2005
A section of music who's length is determined by the time signature.
Contrary to popular belief, rap isn't the only type of music out there. All types of music have bars.
by Skeez Adams December 08, 2005
1.) n. The bastard child of statistics and general chemistry
2.) v. It is used to express poor performance in the afforementioned subject.
1.) I am sick of standard deviations and errors, I hate analytical chemistry.

2.) Person 1: How was the exam last night.
Person 2: It was Analytical Chemistry.
Person 1: Ouch... sorry to hear that.
by Skeez Adams September 18, 2006