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A term used to describe any meal that one feels is sub-par or bad tasting. This term has nothing to do with African-Americans (some think so because of the arguably derogatory nature of the word nappy).

Grammatical rules are generally very relaxed with this word, as it can be used to describe a restraunt/eatery that serves food that one believes to be unsatisfactory.

Also, on occaision, this word can be used to describe people (most often females) whom one may deem fugly or aesthetically deficient. This useage of the word is debateable, as it would imply this person tastes bad, which may or may not be true.
Example 1 (food item): Ay man, don't buy the Jose Ole burritos from the lunch cart, nappy meal.

Example 2 (restraunt): I aint never goin back to that chinese place down on East Main, that place is nappy meal.

Example 3 (person): Ugh dude, did you just say you thought Paris Hilton was hot? That bitch is nappy meal.
by Skeeter McDougal August 29, 2005
A nickname used exclusively by overweight women for their husbands. They think the rest of the world thinks it's cute that they call their husband hubby, when in fact it isn't.
Person A: So what plans do you have for this weekend.
Overweight wife: Well me and my hubby are going to go-
Person A: Fuck, forget I asked...
by Skeeter McDougal July 20, 2006
A Farewell to Glocks takes place at the end of a Counter-Strike: Source game when the server begins to change maps. At this time, everybody on both teams is frozen at their spawn points with a scoreboard in front of them. Everybody who isn't typing then proceeds to buy glocks from the buy menu and toss them to the ground, making a large pile in front of every player. Nobody is quite sure why this takes place, but it can be seen in almost every Counter-Strike: Source server one may encounter.

Note: This practice generally doesn't happen in older versions of Counter-Strike (1.5, 1.6, CZ) because they don't have realtime physics so the guns don't stack nicely.
killuh6969: gg guys
boom_headshot123: hey guys, lets buy a bunch of glocks and throw them on the ground!
killuh6969: A Farewell to Glocks!
boom_headshot123: shut up, thats not even clever
by Skeeter McDougal February 17, 2006
One of the many examples of why any band that feels they need to define themselves in terms of "Christian genre here" do so because they suck and can't make it being defined by their genre without the Christian tag on it. This is not to bash Christians, but to bash Norma Jean, who indeed suck.
Billy: Hey man have you ever heard Norma Jean?
Joey: No, I haven't how are they?
Billy: Well they really aren't very good actually.
Joey: Well then why the hell should I listen to them? What kinda music are they?
Billy: They are Christian Hardcore
Joey: OHHH, ok I'll go buy their CDs. I prefer my bands to have a positive Christian message to them, regardless of their lack of talent
Billy: Yeah me too. Plus they have really neato tshirts. Yay for Jesus!
by Skeeter McDougal April 19, 2006
As otherwise noted, Brazilian can refer to either a person from the country of Brazil or a type of female hair-removal waxing. However, Brazilian can also be used as an exaggerated and made up figure.

When something costs a lot of money or there's a lot of something, instead of using a random large number like a million or a billion or a zillion, so as to exaggerate the cost or amount of the item(s), one can say Brazilian to garner a chuckle or 2.
Sabine: Hey Mike, did you see that brand new BMW that just drove by? Why don't you get that car and scrap that piece of shit hooptie you drive?
Mike: Are you fucking kidding? I cant afford a BMW, they cost like a Brazilian dollars!
Sabine: Calm your broke ass down.
by Skeeter McDougal October 06, 2005

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