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Icebag is a (male) masturbatory technique in which a ziploc baggie is filled with ice or ice water. When one is pleasuring himself, the cold bag is held against the testicles. Many proponents of this technique claim that it increases both the intensity of the orgasm and the amount of semen ejected from the body.
Date didn't go well last night so I went home and decided it was time for an icebag. Good choice on my part.
by Skeeter McDougal September 29, 2005
A commercial violator is a person who has a flagrant disregard for the unwritten laws of TV commercials. To elaborate, the general rule is that when you are watching tv with others and a commercial comes on, you are free to tell whatever idiotic story you like, but when the commercial break ends, the story must be completely finished.

A commercial violator tends to have an endless supply of crappy stories about how their day went. This person does not sit down with the group with the intent of watching tv, but rather conveying some sort of story to the group. As the commercial violator begins their story, the keeper of the remote turns down the volume of the tv to be courteous. The situation quickly goes awry as soon as the commercial is over and the end of the story is nowhere in site.

One must avoid watching tv with commercial violators at all cost. However, if you find yourself in posession of the remote and a commercial violator's story is exceeding its alloted time, it is adviseable that you very discreetly turn up the volume on the television set until he/she stops.
person A: Yeah so I was trying to watch mythbusters the other day and my mom was being a total commercial violator. She was telling some crappy story about something funny she saw on C-Span.
person B: God damnit. How was the situation resolved?
person A: It wasn't, she finished her story and I missed half the fucking show. I did not get my Kari Byron dose of the week.
person B: NOT COOL!
by Skeeter McDougal September 28, 2005
Hr0nz is a word to describe an excited sexual state. This word is a derivative of pr0n, but doesn't necessarily have to pertain to pornography. Hr0nz can be used to describe somebody who has just seen someone that he/she felt was attractive, or simply somebody who is just sexually aroused for no damn reason whatsoever.
person A: Did you see that girl's ass the other day. God bless those jeans without the back pockets.
person B: Yeah I noticed, you were like "oMZgz I haev tEH hr0nzzzwtfstfuhaxbbq!!eleven"
by Skeeter McDougal September 27, 2005
Superfippy is a contraction of 'superficial hippie'. This term is used to describe a certain breed of animal-rights advocates. Though protesting for animal rights is an honorable endeavor, superfippies only care about animals they think are cute. They don't protest animal testing or the destruction of habitat for moral reasons or because of the impact these things have on the environment. Superfippies only care about the safety of cute/fuzzy animals that they like. Some of these animals include dolphins, bunnies and chimps.
Mike: Moonspray is such a superfippy. She is always bitching about non-dolphin safe tuna because she doesn't want dolphins being killed for food. All I can say is it sucks for the tuna that they arent fuzzy or adoreable.
by Skeeter McDougal September 30, 2005
The Proposition System is a very tactful system that allows one to identify a woman whom he finds attractive and to discreetly show it to his friends. Though the Proposition System can apply to a woman that is just generally beautiful, more often than not in real-world implementation it is used to identify a woman with an attractive posterior.

The Proposition System has a clearly defined syntax which must be adhered to in order to be used effectively.
Proper usage of the Proposition System:

In keeping with the fact that the Proposition System is mainly used to identify attractive posteriors, the syntax goes "Proposition {color of pants/skirt/shorts/etc of the woman in question}?"
If the woman is wearing jeans around other women whom are also wearing jeans, one may differentiate by saying the color of the woman's shirt followed by the word 'top'.
The surrounding males must then either approve or disapprove of the propositioner's findings with an 'affirmative' or 'negative'

Mike:"Jesus christ! Proposition grey at 7 o' clock."
Jon:"Affirmative, my friend. Good eye."
by Skeeter McDougal September 29, 2005
This technique is good for a quick kill in Unreal Tournament 2004. The attacker needs to be on some sort of platform that is higher up than the target. In order to not be accused of being a rocket whore, this attack needs to be impromptu, not a result of camping. As the attacker sees somebody pass below him, the secondary fire button is held so that 3 rockets are loaded into the chambers of the rocket launcher. Just as the 3rd rocket starts loading, the used drops down directly over the victim and presses fire so that a tight formation of rockets incinerates his opponent right before he lands.
attacker: check this rocket driver out Tony... *drops down from ceiling whilst firing 3 rockets*
victim: FUCK!
Tony: I think I just shit my pants!!!11! You totally staeled teh cadny!111omgzbbbqhax
attacker: Shut up..
by Skeeter McDougal September 25, 2005
Wallet Fraud is a most heinous means of deception. Wallet Fraud takes place when a woman who knows that she is lacking in the booty department wears jeans just a little loose and puts a large wallet in one pocket and another item (sometimes a cell phone) in the other so as to create the illusion of a more voluminous posterior.

There is some level of plausable deniability involved because these items do have a purpose and could feasably be stored in the back pockets without any sort of nefarious intent, but one must remember that if this woman did in fact have a decent-sized badonkadonk, she wouldn't be obstructing the view of it with all sorts of paraphernalia.
Bob: Hey man check out the ass on that girl over there. I can't see too well but its looking like we got a class 5 badonkadonk.
Joe: No man, I already scoped that one out. Texbook case of Wallet Fraud. I've already notified the authorities. They will be arriving shortly.
by Skeeter McDougal January 16, 2006

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