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Doo-Doo Vapor is a substance which, although not deadly, is very unpleasant and should be avoided at all costs. Doo-Doo Vapor occurs when somebody has decided to take a shower but also has to take a dump (in a bathroom where the toilet and shower are in the same room).

If this person makes the mistake of taking the dump first, flushes and then gets ready to take a shower, everything seems fine. However, when the shower has started, the steam created by the hot water binds with tiny floating objects referred to in the scientific community as "doo-doo particles". After a few minutes, the person in the shower is now surrounded by air that smells like shit and is breathing it in. A valuable lesson is learned.
Millions of people a year come in contact with Doo-Doo Vapor. If you enter a bathroom that has doo-doo vapor in the air, exit immediately and scorn whoever took a shit and a shower one after the other before you.
#doody #doodoo #poop #showers #steam #gross #smelly
by Skeeter McDougal April 28, 2006
Dark Dude Eating Oriental Delights.

This acronym was on the very funny show Reno 911! on Comedy Central. The episode in question was the homeland security episode in which African American officer Jonesy and an attractive Asian Homeland Security officer are riding in the car. She is quizzing him and asks him what DDEOD stands for to which he replied the above. Needless to say she was not impressed.
Officer Kim: "Ok, whats DDEOD stand for?"
Officer Jones: ".....Dark Dude..Eating Oriental Delights?"
A Few Mins Pass
Officer Jones: "...I love you."
Officer Kim: "Yeah thats not workin.."
by Skeeter McDougal June 23, 2005
The phrase 'meal of the beast' can be used to describe any meal (usually fast food) that comes to a total of $6.66. The meal described with the phrase can vary from place to place.
The Ultimate Meal of the Beast:
Carl's JR. Double Bacon Western Cheeseburger (medium). This meal always comes to a total of $6.66 and is arguably the most satisfying and delicious fast food meal ever devised by mankind.
#burger #meal #666 #beast #mark of the beast #western cheeseburger #fast food
by Skeeter McDougal October 02, 2005
A western cheeseburger is an extremely delicious, albeit unhealthy fast food. A western cheeseburger is like a regular cheeseburger, having 1-3 hamburger patties, each with cheese, but in addition has some sort of tangy barbeque sauce on the top and most of the time, 2 or so onion rings below the patties. This creates a delightful mixture of tangy sauce and the light crunch of the onion ring.
Yeah so its a good thing I'm broke because I'm pretty sure if I had a lot of money I'd eat western cheeseburgers until they killed me. Oh what a glorious death that would be!
#burger #cheese burger #cheeseburger #bbq #bbq sauce #onion rings #fast food
by Skeeter McDougal October 02, 2005
Just as a marksman shows proficiency and skill with a gun, so does a wangsman with his wang. A wangsman is able to do all the elaborate and perhaps disgusting acts that can be researched on this very site.

No ejaculatory exhibition is too difficult or complicated for an experienced wangsman.
Wangsman: Yeah so the other night I pulled off a Sudanese Spunkbbuster last night on Starkeisha.

Bob: Jesus christ! How are you still walking. I guess you didn't get that wangsmanship trophy for nothing...
by Skeeter McDougal August 26, 2005
Bo-Dunk is an adjective that is similar to bum fuck both phonetically and by meaning. Bo-dunk describes a very low-population town. Mostly these towns have a few general stores, perhaps a small supermarket, a post office and some quaint houses. The towns undoubtedly have at least 1 church because the inhabitants are generally right-wing christian folk.

Some people prefer to live in bo-dunk towns because of the simplicity and the neighborly attitude of the inhabitants. Others get a deep depression just driving past bo-dunk towns.

The town in Napoleon Dynamite could be described as a textbook bo-dunk town.
Person A: Hi!

Person B: Hey dude, what's the shig? How's life in the hell that is Dehesa.

Person A: Shut up, dude. Living in Dehesa isn't that bad.

Person B: Dehesa is a bo-dunk shithole. You guys don't even have a post office. All the people in the town collect ceramic cows and shit like that.

Person A: Yeah you're right. I hate it here. This place is only good for old people and people who need to dump a body.

Person B: True.dat
by Skeeter McDougal September 02, 2005
A carbo-dook is a contraction of 'carbonated dookie'. This can be seen when one takes a massive dump and for some reason said dookie has small bubbles coming off of it in the water.

Scientists have pondered as to why this happens for centuries. Some scientists suggest it is because of an excess of carbonated beverages in one's diet, whereas other scientists say those scientists are totally gay.
Bob:Yeah so Bill's mom was being a total shig to me the other day?
Tom:junx! What did you do, dude?
Bob:Well I left her a carbo-dook in her washing machine and then I broke!
#carbonated #carbo #dookie #dook #shit #turd #log
by Skeeter McDougal September 22, 2005
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