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Derived from the popular pearl necklace in which a man ejaculates on a woman's neck, a pearl moustache consists of a man depositing semen on a woman's upper lip, creating a pearly-white moustache of sorts.

This act requires a deft control of one's wang in order to not just perform your average facial. Only the most talented of wangsmen have mastered the pearl moustache.
Inexperienced wangsman: Yeah so I attempted a pearl moustache last night on Tayfondah and I couldn't move fast enough. What a mess it was!

Experienced wangsman: n00b...
by Skeeter McDougal August 26, 2005
This is an especially cruel prank to play on somebody. Though there are few documented instances of somebody performing a brown sock attack, it has happened. Party A defecates into a large sock, preferably a tube sock. After the sock is weighted down with the fecies inside, Party A ties a knot near the secrtion of the sock that is occupied by the fecies. At this point, Party A proceeds to spin the sock around (holding it by the clean side of course) and smacks Party B (who is most likely drunk and/or passed out) across the face.

Though this assault is rarely painful, the ego of Party B will be severely bruised by this most unsanitary of pranks.
Yeah so Bob was being a dick the other day so I decided to give him a brown sock. When he wasn't looking I loaded up one of his tube socks and cracked him across the face with it. Oh the hilarity that ensued.
by Skeeter McDougal October 04, 2005
Nicole Parker is to many, myself included, the most talented current MadTV cast member (currently in its 11th season). Nicole has extensive history in improv comedy and clearly uses it in her tv career to portray very realistic and comical characters. Many fans of the show claim that Nicole Parker softened the blow of the loss of a lot of beloved cast members in a relatively short amount of time.

It is also my (professional) opinion that Nicole Parker is the most beautiful female cast member that has ever been a part of MadTV.
Joe: Hey! Who is that beautiful woman interviewing Kathy Griffen at the emmies with that no-talent hack Bobby Lee.
Me: Oh, thats Nicole Parker.
by Skeeter McDougal October 07, 2005
This phrase origionated in the popular GTA video game series. It can be found in one of the radio advertisements for diamonds, in which the voiceover suggests that when your significant other is acting up, you "chill that bitch out with ice" (ice meaning diamond jewelry).

Since its inception, this phrase is now used as a suggestion to somebody whose woman is being irritating or overbearing. It is important to note that when used as a suggestion, this phrase doesn't always mean that somebody should chill their woman out with lavish jewelry, but rather that they should chill her out by any means necessary. This phrase is often used when somebody is extremely fed up with a friend's significant other, and is a way to say that the situation must be taken care of post-haste.
Bob: "Hey man so are we going to hang out on friday?"
Angus: "Sure dude, its been a while since we hung out."
Bob's Girlfriend: "You promised you would take me to Bed Bath and Beyond and then to go see a play and then to do some other immasculating activities."
Bob: "Oh I forgot, sorry hunny."
Angus: "THATS IT, Bob. You need to chill that bitch out with ice before I beat your monkey ass."
by Skeeter McDougal December 10, 2005
The term Rita Cosby can be assigned to any female who has a deep, throaty voice. The word itself is derived from Rita Cosby, a journalist, once on Fox News, has now moved over to MSNBC and has since then gotten her own show. Rita has an almost frighteningly deep voice that is more characteristic of a man in drag than a woman. Since getting her own show, her low-pitched voice has become one of her trademarks.
Mike:Yeah so what happened with that girl you went home with at the bar last night?
Jon:Well everything was going fine till I got her in my apartment and heard her talk. Shes a total Rita Cosby. I had to check her to see if she was sporting wood. Still boned her though...
by Skeeter McDougal September 29, 2005
Bobby McPrescott is a term used to describe a person that tends to be whiney or high-maintenence. It can technically be used to describe a female, but most scholars generally view this as incorrect.

This word is derived from a song by group x. In context, the word was used in a mocking tone by Hashmir who was reprimanding a kid, this Bobby McPrescott (actually Blade from the band), who was complaining about physical ailments because (as Hashmir deduced) he failed to eat enough cheese to be healthy.
The excerpt in question from Group X - Cheese:

Bobby: All the kids at Eddie's are sayin' my bones are astrew, and that my arm... my arm looks like a garbage truck.

Hashmir: Oh, oh its right Bobby McPrescott. You know you're not eating a lot of cheese thats why. You're supposed to eat something like 14 hundred gallons per day or something.
by Skeeter McDougal August 29, 2005
A Cum Trough is a word (albeit a crude one) that describes the indentation found in the mid back area of a woman. Its usually a line that runs down the length of the spine (disappears at the lower back) and is sunken in more than either side of the woman's back. Usually it isn't found in really thin women (usually you just see their actual spine) nor heavyset women (whose backs are usually just doughey and flat). Most men, consciously or not, find this part of the body sexy.

The reason this area is called a Cum Trough is because when engaging in doggy style sex or a facsimile thereof, the man may be so inclined to pull out of the woman and ejaculate on her mid back. Rather than just leaking every which way, the Cum Trough acts as a trench or trough of sorts and causes all the semen to stay in a neat straight line on the woman's back, presumably until she stands up/rolls to either side.
Joe: Yeah dude, my girl is great. Oh and to top it all off, she has a nice little Cum Trough that I got to try out last night.
Bob: Yeah you're lucky, I keep going out with these damn skinny women, they have nothing but spine. Where is a man to deposit his seed, I ask you!
Joe: Face?
Bob: Oh yeah... I'll get back to you on that.
by Skeeter McDougal September 16, 2005

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