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A union out there that's bustin' their balls doin' a lot of shit work you take for granted.
The fuckin' union that works for you!
Stands for Amalgorated...Fedralizated...hey, I don't know what the fuck it means.
All I know is that they're hard workin', tax-payin' people like YOU, and they don't take shit from nobody. YOU GOT THAT ASSHOLE?
They pick up your fuckin' garbage.
They got broads out to keep your kid from gettin' run over by some hard-on.
They plug up the holes in the road so you don't fuck up your car.
They push around a lot of little old ladies from Florida.
They're out there zappin' rats and roaches and makin' sure your kids don't drink piss from no fuckin' water fountains.

They're fuckin' AFSCME.
by Skedaddles March 09, 2009

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