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Immaculate Heart is becoming one of the best high schools in the city even though SOME (mean) girls from more expensive schools (you know who I'm talking about) continue to criticize. Those girls are just repeating the mantras of their social striving-climbing parents who are insecure about who they are.
More and more super smart, nice girls from good families are choosing this school.
They are getting into top colleges and graduating at the top of their classes. (Last year: Williams--top student=Immaculate Heart grad).
They will be the leaders of tomorrow because they don't assume they are better than everyone else.
Hey, did you hear about the girls who got into Harvard, Yale, Fordham, Stanford, Berkeley...?

Did they go to Marlborough or Archer?

Neither! Immaculate Heart!
by Skatinkate August 18, 2009

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