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2 definitions by SkaterKate

Skateboarding term meaning a pointless trick or flip.

With the skateboard griptape being abrasive, it wears down on the shoes and even cuts laces when performing tricks.

Skaters often use this term when they're asked to perform a trick that they class as easy or amateur.
Sid: "Go on Luke, do a kickflip!"

Luke: "Fuck that, I'm onto Tre's and Backsideflips now."

Sid: "Oh come on!"

Luke: "No! They're a waste o' shoe!"
by SkaterKate September 12, 2009
Bailing epicly on a skateboard.

Like, seriously dropping like a motherbitch.
"I tried to tre flip this massive gap but I didn't make it ...man I ate shit."
by SkaterKate September 12, 2009