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SkaterBoys are The sexiest gorgous things to earth. But they some how always break hearts. They tend to make you fall in love with them then they crush you ther awesome to hang around with thoe and are so F*in sexy they have an awesome sense of humor and style the real sexy ones were girl tight pants even though most ppl would say thats emo well they do it to gosh if you havent met a skater boy u dont kno wat there like i culd die w/out them even though they can be purverted sometimes ther awesom and did i mention SEXY as hell especialy wen they are skating u got to see them then. Well laters to all u Skater. !SKATERS ARE SEX!
Hey you skaterboy your sexy.
B-Town skaters Brandon,Matthew,
Matt Matt,Joey,Nick,Andrew,Chris T.,Amilcar,Elias LiL Brandyn,o and my sexy Marvin,Louie,O & no i Didn get u my emo boy Marshall!
Woot Woot u have to meet these guys to see sexy !!
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