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A beautiful person inside and out.
Tends to help people and tries their best no matter what
happens, is a great friend and loyal.
At times people may not know, that they are one of the best people they will ever meet.

Very ambitious and loves to dream.
Veronica is so awesome!!

Did you see how amazing Veronica is?
by Skater15 April 29, 2011
Loves to get women to have sex,
and will try to seduce you or trick you.
Is a douche half the time.
Never to be trusted.
Is like a snake, with
bad intentions.
Most likely will leave you hurt,
unless you find one that is

not a player, your good to go.
Daruis is a douche, he slept with several women throughout the day.
by skater15 April 29, 2011

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