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5 definitions by Skater

An internet term for someone who is incredibly lucky. See Mize
When he drew that T&N to win the game, I couldn't help but call that noob a lucksac.
by skater September 04, 2004
its like dude im guna chill; us skaters use it when skatin
Dude i snapped my board
by Skater May 12, 2003
a gay insult(?) that fruit booters made to try to get us skaters angry, i think its kinda funny how dumb it is.
fruitbooter: your a woodpusher.
skater: haha, thats a terrible insult
by skater April 24, 2004
a slang term for cum,sperm,seamen etc.
ohhhhhhhhhh im about to blow my spunk load in your face!!!!!!
by Skater February 16, 2005
rollerbladers. They are queer and they should stop the sport.skateboarderd will always be better than rollerbladers.
the skateboarder punches the fruitbooter in the face.
by SKATER January 24, 2004