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Apple copied Microsoft? Window's "Gadgets" seems eerily similar to OS X's "Widgets". The triangles that collapse folders in Visa is copied from OS X. They copied "Spotlight" in Vista. For all you gamers bashing OS X because there aren't any games, I agree. If you want to game, don't get a Mac. This is coming from an Apple lover. Apple is trying to appeal to businessmen and companies. Never going to happen. But how come when you can easily get a Windows computer with better specs. than a Mac for less, most graphic designers and video editors choose Mac? There must be a reason. Is it the programs? The stable OS? Who knows.

The animators from South Park have stated their reason for switching to Macs. Crashing. I have had many PC's and NONE HAVE CRASHED ON ME! But theirs have, due to their heavy use.

You have anti-virus, great for you. But your anti-virus takes up time, system resources, and money, and even with anti-virus, look at viruses like Conficker. It infected governments and hospitals! Now Microsoft is including anti-virus. Why do they keep wasting time patching the OS? Why don't they just start over and build it from a secure base?

If you don't like Macs, don't buy them. All of your reviews are 100% biased. I am an Apple fan, but let me clarify this.


However, they do not crash. They do not break any more than other companies' computers. If you don't like them, don't buy them. But stop writing biased reviews on the web, and enjoy your PC. And I don't mean that sarcastically. If it works for you, good for you.
Windows User: Dude, I can't play my games on your Mac- it sucks!

Apple User: I know I can't. It's not supposed to.

Windows User: Oh, ok then.

Apple User: Yep.

That is how it should be. No need to fight. Macintosh's can't play games. We know.
by SkateMusicLife64 June 23, 2009

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