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The process of receiving information regarding oral sex.
It was all teeth; that bitch needs some headucation.
by Skat Stevens July 29, 2008
Bait for a promiscuous woman with a love of the sweet powder.
I've got about $50 worth of hocaine and 3 rubbers. Let's hit the road.
by Skat Stevens July 29, 2008
When one is infatuated with a girl, only to find out she is a lesbian.
I was lesmerized by the brunette with the attractive triangle tattoo.
by Skat Stevens July 29, 2008
The feeling Pluto got when it's planet status was taken.
What's wrong with that bitch Pluto. Ah, he's just suffering from Venus Envy.
by Skat Stevens July 29, 2008

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