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One of the greatest punk bands of all time. The band consists of Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman from OPIV, Lars Fredericksen (who later formed Lars Fredericksen and the Bastards) and Brett Reid.
Let's Go is Rancid's best album.
by Skankin' Cucumber September 10, 2005
A solid game system with great games and little added features that make it a close competitor for PSP. Although some whiny little lifeless PSP fans act like its just an N64 with a touchscreen, it is much better than it gets credit for. As an owner of a PSP and a DS I have to say that I play my DS much more. It's much for social, since it has single card download play and pictochat. The games (well, most of them) are actually fun and not just about blood and gore like so many PSP games. And now, DS can play Movies, mp3s, and all that great stuff, so it's really an equal to PSP, if not better.
Nintendo DS rocks out with its cock out.
by Skankin' Cucumber September 10, 2005
A great console with great games. Although many people think it isn't as good as XBox or PS2, it's much better. Buy a gamecube if you want some fun, or buy one of the other consoles if you want to see someones head get blown off and see the same repetitive storylines over and over.
Game cube the best console to date!*

*Brain may be required for proper Gamecube play.
by Skankin' Cucumber September 10, 2005

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