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2 definitions by Skadandy88

While walking up a flight of stairs, taking a projectile shit or sharting (fart & shit at the same time) on the person behind you.
Guy 1: Dude you wouldn't believe what my girl did last night!

Guy 2: She didn't fake it?

Guy 1: Nah, I was walking up stairs behind her and smacked her ass and she suprised me with a Cleveland Stairmaster!

Guy 2: Dude....
by Skadandy88 December 12, 2010
A variation of the donkey punch:

A donkey punch while flying in an airplane; or a Superman punch (jumping in the air and punching) to donkey punch a chick.
My girl wanted to try something new in bed, so instead of my usual donkey punch, I switched things up and went for the dronkey punch.
by Skadandy88 December 12, 2010