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Ska originated in Jamaica when traditional reggae met with the american jazz scene. The "punk" sound came from brittain, and soon people all over the world were listening to the Rudies.

One of the most distincive parts of ska music is Skanking. It's a dance that consists of a whole two steps, and is all about fun. The word you're thinking is the slang "skank", right? That word came from the rudies, who, after dancing for an hour, would be very sweaty.

Ska still lives on today. There are many ska bands still around, and many are jumping into the punk rock scene such as Leftover Crack (Formerly known as Choking Victim). Many still play the old two-tone style, which is slower...but most play and upbeat punk sound with the destinctive guitar beat, and the good old trumpet, trombone and sax.
There is a ska band here in michigan by the name of Thirteen Thirty-Six. They are very new, less than 2 years old, and are playing shows with growing popularity.

Catch 22 still does shows, which people love to watch.

Ska is NOT dead. Everyone has their opinions. If you like rap, you probably won't like ska. Just don't waste your time trying to give it a bad name. Especially on a dictionary site. Do you have no lives?
by SkaLives May 27, 2006
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